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1st December 2020


As you will be aware the Government’s Winter Plan comes into force from 2nd December, establishing a revised Tier system of restrictions as to what can and cannot be done. The Sailing Club, as indeed the whole of Kent, comes within the Tier 3 category and in the light of the Government restrictions for this Tier and having considered the RYA Guidance to date thereon, the General Committee has decided the following steps will apply from 2nd December until further notice:

  • The guidance is to avoid travel from a Tier 2 area into Tier 3 areas. In the light of this members living in a Tier 2 area wishing to travel to the Club should consider whether their journey is really necessary and safe.

  • Independent sailing and other water use is permitted in accordance with the “Out of Hours” Protocol of 17th September 2020 already distributed to members and which can be found on the Club website under “Latest Articles” on the Home Page. You may also attend the Club to maintain or remove your boat.

  • When attending the Club, use must be made of the NHS QR code displayed on the Clubhouse windows and doors or alternatively the Covid email set out in the above Protocol for Track and Trace purposes.

  • Members of different households wishing to sail together are referred to the RYA guidance, the link to which is to be found in the “Out of Hours” Protocol.

  • In addition, members are also strongly advised to consider the safety aspects of independent sailing at this time of year before going on the water, especially given the lack of facilities.

  • As already notified within the AGM minutes, the Christmas Pudding Race scheduled for Sunday 13th December will not go ahead. Therefore the next racing is scheduled to occur in February 2021.

  • The Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice. A separate notice will be issued in relation to the Winter Working Parties, at present scheduled to commence on Sunday 10th January 2021. They are unlikely to proceed in the normal format.

Finally, this procedure has been drafted based on RYA guidance issued on 30th November, but they emphasise that they are seeking further clarification from the Government ahead of providing any further guidance. We will monitor this closely and advise if any change is needed to the above.

Steve McCann
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For the Chipstead Sailing Club General Committee