Chipstead Sailing Club

Enterprise Fleet

The Enterprise dinghy is a two person, non trapeze, non spinnaker one design double chine hull dinghy. Designed by Jack Holt in 1956, the design has withstood the test of time and the class provides some of the best sailing and racing to be found anywhere. Over 20,000 are registered worldwide. It has excellent qualities both as a cruising and two-person racing boat. The Enterprise dinghy is also very seaworthy and can be sailed offshore with confidence.

It is a well established class which means that good class racing and open meeting racing is readily available all over the country. The National Enterprise Week usually attracts over a hundred entries. The class is also growing at a rate of approximately one hundred new boat registrations every year.

Enterprises are constructed using a variety of materials. A large proportion of new boats are glass fibre with a new style of interior layout. Alternatives are the composite boat for those who like wooden decks without the fuss of fitting out a wooden hull. You can also obtain a conventional all-wooden boat from one of the specialist builders, or one of the newer wood/epoxy boats built in a mould and to a simplified internal design/layout.

Secondhand Enterprise dinghies can be purchased for a couple of hundred pounds. They are invariably of wooden construction and care must be taken when buying one that needs a lot of work.