Chipstead Sailing Club


Fast Handicap Fleet

There is a wide range of sailors in the FH fleet, including young singles, young families, older singles and grandparents with their young crews.

The boats range in size from around 11 feet to around 15 ½ feet (which is about the maximum as we sail on a small lake).

They can be wooden or ‘plastic’, 1, 2 or 3 sail boats depending on their class rules, some being only for singlehanded sailing, several are for 2+ crew and small families.

In addition to the club races and competitions we have a FH fleet ‘prize event’ to cater for our wide range and to provide maximum interest. This ‘event’ is intended to be open to the less competitive and family and social sailors highlighting how we welcome family and social sailors as well as the more competitive.

Typically, we have around 21 boat designs in the FH fleet, for example; Albacore, Byte, Cadet, Goat Island Skiff, GP14, Gull, Lark, Merlin Rocket, Mirror, Pacer, Phantom, Scorpion, Slipper, Streaker, Super Nova, Wanderer, Wayfarer, Wildfire and variant Lasers such as; Laser 2, Laser 2000, Pico.

If any have been missed, apologies to their captains!

So, a wide variety of boats, sailors and their families are welcomed to the FH Fleet.

You can contact our class captain by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.