Chipstead Sailing Club

Graduate Class

The Graduate is a 12.5 foot, two sailed, two person dinghy that is sailed across the U.K with the largest fleet at Chipstead Sailing Club.

The Graduate was designed in the early 1950s in Nottingham and was designed to be an economical dinghy which would sail as well as the best contemporary designs but at a lower cost.

The Graduate offers exciting entry level sailing for novices but also provides an ongoing challenge for experienced sailors who are seeking to optimise performance. There is a wide range of events run across the year throughout the U.K and there is good competition at Open Events.

The Graduate can be built in timber or GRP. The Boatyard at Beer in Devon are still making and selling many new Graduates and these can be purchased directly from them. Due to the age of the design, many boats become available frequently second hand and provide a cost effective way to get into sailing.

There is a move across the sport for single handed sailing in racier little boats, but the fun is really sailing with a crew and getting out on the water together. Many people sail with their partners, with friends, or with their children encouraging them to progress from crew to helm. Joint experiences are much more rewarding than single ones!

Equally, the Graduate can be sailed single handed and is easy to sail with one person – the Graduate Goblet competition at Chipstead takes place over the Summer Season as a Single-Handed Short Race, often watched enthusiastically by the rest of the Class, especially the competitors’ regular crews.

There is also an association who promote the Graduate both nationally and internationally.

Chipstead Graduates are a welcoming, friendly, approachable and sociable class. If you would like to have a go in one, or would like to know more, we are always happy to take people out for a go.

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