Chipstead Sailing Club

Junior and Youth Sailing

We are the Junior and Youth development, coaching and racing group at Chipstead Sailing Club for 7 to 18 year olds.

The group has the ambition of developing sailors of the future whether their interest is for competitive racing or just for fun.

Please email

You are also very welcome to pop down to the Club on a Saturday after the season starts and the Day Leader or one of the other helpers will be happy to answer any questions you may have, there is no need to book for this.

The minimum age for Saturday Club is 7 years old.

Helms can be Youth sailors until the year of their 19th Birthday, however in their later teens, youth sailors tend to also affiliate with the senior class that they sail for (e.g. Topper, Laser

The club is at the heart of the village of Chipstead situated near Sevenoaks in Kent. Map

Chipstead is close to where the A21 and the A25 cross, near the M25.

These routes provide easy approaches to the village.

Once in Chipstead, the entrance to the lake road is found opposite the Bricklayer Arms Pub.

The group has an active Junior and Youth sailing programme taking sailors from their first time in a boat through to competing in representative squads.

These activities include:

Chipmates Saturday Club

Most Saturday mornings April to October; mornings of fun and training for sailors aged 7 upwards in Junior and Youth class boats.

Supervised sailing and instruction including a wide range of sailing activities and games to improve technique, develop racing skills and (most of all) have fun.

Chipmates Summer Camp

Three days of supervised sailing incorporating coaching and fun activities for 7 to 15 year old members with an end of camp BBQ and prize giving.

Junior Training

Informal training is provided at Saturday Club. From time to time, the group runs additional Junior Club training activities for the more advanced helms such as winter training sessions and team racing training.

RYA stage 1-4 training and Junior Start racing courses are available through our RYA training centre.

Junior Events

We run special events for our Junior and Youth members including The CSC Optimist Open, team racing events, winter training, regattas and our end of season Young Guns championship races followed by our AGM.

We also normally host a Kent Schools Sailing Association (KSSA) event each year.

There is a Saturday Club “taster” membership for non-members at £10 for each session for the first child and £5 for each subsequent child from the same family.

Children may attend 4 Saturday Clubs as a temporary member, after which we ask that you become a club member through the subscriptions outlined below.

There are normally three ways Junior and Youth sailors can be members:

  • If you yourself are a “Full member” you, your partner and all your children can sail for a £150 subscription per year.
  • If you join as a Junior Family member, only your children can sail at £76 per year. This covers all your children.
  • Young adults (over 18 and under 25) can join in their own right for £76 per year.

There is an additional one off entry fee on joining of £60 per membership (not per person).

For each boat you have at the club, there is an additional £76 Junior boat fee per year.
This also provides a boat park allocation for your boat.

We normally suggest that you come down to at least one session as a taster with temporary membership, just to make sure you are happy with everything. This is paid for on the day, there is no need to pre-book.

If you're keen to join straight away, or after up to 4 tasters, you can sign up as a Junior class or family member through our on-line system

This site has some more background membership information and if you follow the link “New Members Join Here” you will be taken through the registration process.

This will also work out the membership cost for you and you can send the membership payment trough as an internet transfer.

The Saturday Club is a weekly club for Junior and Youth helms. It normally includes a wide range of supervised sailing activities and games to improve technique, develop skills and (most of all) have fun.

It is designed as a fun way to get children onto the water, familiar with the boats and give them an understanding of the sailing basics. It also progresses sailors through to competing in class series in the Club racing programme and beyond.

Saturday Club is open to all Juniors aged 7 and above up to the age of 19. It runs nearly every Saturday until the end of October with all standards welcome.

Start time is 9:00 with registration and rigging. A briefing is held at 9:30 and on the water at 10:00-10:15. There is a break for tea and sweets at 11:00 and back on the water for 11:15-11:30. The session ends at approx. 12:15.

Subject to the weather conditions children are divided into groups, usually: beginners, novices, intermediates and advanced/racing.

No, just turn up and aim for the training shed by the pontoons.

Look for someone with a clipboard!

We require non members to pay a temporary membership fee for each session of £10 for the first child and £5 for each subsequent child from the same family.

Club boats are available (Optimists, Toppers, Teras and Mirrors) for a £5 maintenance fee. Boats are allocated on a first come first served basis (so you need to get there early if its sunny).

You may attend 4 Saturday Clubs as a temporary member, after which we ask that you either become a full club member or Junior member.

Membership details can be found on the club web site.

Parental presence is required on club premises at all times while your children are attending Saturday Club.

The Club has an ethos of everyone lending a hand. We actively encourage parents to help out with everything from safety boat helm (if qualified) or safety boat crew, rigging, launching and recovering to tea duties.

New and non-sailing parents are shown the ropes through practical and friendly guidance during the sessions. More adventurous parents are encouraged to attend power & safety boat courses through the Club’s training centre.

The club provides buoyancy aids. With regard to clothing, if you have them, wetsuits are recommended (particularly at the beginning of the season), plus a water/wind proof top and suitable shoes that can get wet (not flip-flops please).

If you don't have a wetsuit, then dress in layered warm top half clothing and a water/windproof top. Shorts are best for legs, wet long trousers/leggings are not nice!!! Waterproof bottoms over shorts are good if you have them.

Once you have caught the “sailing bug”, basic wetsuits can be bought relatively cheaply these days, even at some supermarkets.

Sun hats and sun block are essential if the sun even peeks through and should be part of the standard sailing “kit” kids bring with them, just in case!

This is an annual 3 day sailing event for Chipstead Junior and Youth members up to the age of 15. You don’t have to camp – But you can if you want to!

It normally takes place in the last week of July, in the week after all local schools have broken up.

Juniors taking part must have attended Saturday Club at least four times before attending Summer Camp and must be reasonably competent at sailing, they should be able to sail a basic small triangular course.

Parental presence is required on site at all times whilst your children are attending the three days of Summer Camp.

Priority is given to club members. In the event that we have too many applicants non club members will be placed on the waiting list on a first come first served basis.

No formal RYA training is undertaken during Summer Camp.

The club organises a range of informal and formal race series specifically for Junior and Youth sailors, to bring those who want to race through to Club racing.

Many youth sailors then go on to regularly compete in class series in the Club racing programme and some progress beyond to regional and national squads.

The Junior series include:

Saturday Junior Handicap Race Series

An opportunity for Juniors, form 7 to 16 years, to start racing and practice racing skills on Saturday mornings, as part of the Saturday Club.

This is open to any boat.

Optimist Points Race Series

As part of the Saturday Junior Handicap Race Series, there is a points series across the season for Optimist sailors.

The Optimist dinghy provides the first step into racing for most young sailors, and is the first step on the RYA Junior Pathway.

Commodore’s Junior Cup Race Series

On a Saturday lunchtime a points series across the season for Junior and Youth sailors, open to any boat.

Both the helm and the crew must be under 19 at the beginning of the year.

Many of our more advanced helms race in the Club races over the weekend, on Wednesday evenings and at our Opens. A number also crew for senior helms in double handed class racing.

The most popular Club classes Juniors sail in are the Topper and Laser classes.