Chipstead Sailing Club

Chipstead Sailing Club

A Guide to Duties

Chipstead Sailing Club is run entirely by volunteers. To enable the race programme to be run and the Club facilities to be maintained, adult family members are required as a condition of Club membership to undertake four duties each year, and also to participate in two winter working parties. Social members are also welcome to join in and assist with duties. Responsible adults for Junior Members are asked to assist with four duties for the junior Class. Duties should be enjoyable and a great way to meet and learn from other club members.

All adult family members may choose which Class they wish to join. Duties are organised at the start of the year by each Class. Any unallocated duties are rostered centrally. The trained RIB squad is also rostered centrally to improve safety cover. The duty roster for the year is available on the Dutyman system accessible through the Club website.

It is the responsibility of each member to arrange a swop if he or she is unable to fulfil their allocated duty. If you need further guidance on what is required do please contact the OOD a week before your duty.

Duty teams should assemble one hour before the start of racing.

Depending on the race programme, Saturday afternoon teams are normally required to run races from either 12.55 or 13.00. Sunday morning racing normally starts at 1030 and Sunday afternoon racing normally starts at 1410. Depending on the race programme on the day, Sunday morning duty teams are required at times additionally to run races from 13.00 and Sunday afternoon duty teams are required at times additionally to run single handed races from 16.10.

The categories of club duties are:

  • Officer of the Day (OOD)
    The OOD is an experienced person who has the responsibility of organising their team to run the racing according to the race programme.

    The OOD will set the race course and organise the other officers in the race box. It is their responsibility to oversee the efficient and safe running of the racing both on and off the water, and to ensure that the results are correctly recorded.

    The Club organises training sessions for new OODs as well as providing refresher training. Further guidance on running races is provided on the Club website.

  • Assistant Officer of the Day (AOD)
    The role of AOD is that of supporting the OOD on the day of the race. Usually there are two AODs who assist in starting and finishing the racing by raising and lowering flags as well as recording the position of competitors in the different races. They also help to enter these results on to the club computer. It can be helpful for AODs to read through the guidance on the website for running races in advance of their duties.

  • Power Boat Helm
    There are usually two patrol boats on the water during racing to assist members who may require assistance during a race.

    A club RIB will only be helmed by trained members of the RIB squad. The orange Commando patrol boat may be helmed by club members who have sufficient skills. We recommend that anyone helming these boats completes the FREE Chipstead course. Details of the Club’s training programme are available on the website.

  • Power Boat Crew
    Members allocated to the role of patrol boat crew can be in either the RIB or in the Commando patrol boats. Their role is to assist in recovery of members during a race or to recover boats after racing has finished. Patrol boat crews should be expected to enter the water if necessary to assist with a recovery.

    Again it is recommended that members taking part in this duty participate in the Club’s FREE training course to help them carry out these duties effectively.

  • Tea Duty
    This duty entails providing welcome refreshments to sailors after racing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and on Sunday mornings.

    Approved by the Sailing Committee
    23 July 2018