Chipstead Sailing Club

Chipstead Sailing Club
Roles and Responsibilities

These roles and responsibilities were reviewed and agreed by the General Committee of Chipstead Sailing Club on 17 September 2018

Safety Responsibility

  • Overall: the Commodore and General Committee
  • During RYA Recognised Training Centre (RTC) activities: the Training Principal
  • During Racing: the Officer of the Day (“OOD”)
  • Chipmates Saturday Club and other Junior sailing activities: delegated to the Junior Captain and onward to the Day leader for each session.


  • Lead the Club with a clear vision for Chipstead Sailing Club (“CSC”) and to demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and probity.
  • Set clear expectations concerning the culture, values and behaviours of the Club.
  • Promote the activities of the Club both externally and to Members.
  • Lead the General Committee (“GC”) team including: chairing the GC meetings and Members General Meetings
  • Establishing roles of the GC to complete tasks needed for the effective running of the Club
  • Providing support and guidance to Members appointed to the GC to enable them to carry out their roles
  • Ensuring succession planning to facilitate the smooth running of the GC.
  • Ensure appropriate financial controls are in place to protect Members funds and ensure the Clubs financial position is sound.
  • Build and maintain good relations with other users of the lake.
  • Prime contact with the CSC Trustees.
  • Ask members to take responsibility for tasks and activities and thank members and committees for their support.
  • Own the overall safety risk.
  • Listen to members concerns.
  • Represent the Club at public events and Club events and develop relations with the local community and Parish Council

Rear Commodore

  • Represent the Club if the Commodore is unavailable.
  • Support the Commodore in setting the vision for CSC and expectations of culture, values and behaviours.
  • Support the commodore by managing development projects including grants.
  • Develop a short term and long term plan for the Club.
  • Maintain and submit Sports England throughput figures.
  • Ensuring succession planning to facilitate the smooth running of the GC.
  • Prime contact with the landlord and Angling Society


  • Act as custodian of the Club’s finances and ensure that the Club’s finances are managed in a prudent and appropriate manner. Establish appropriate processes.
  • Produce the annual accounts and liaise with the Honorary auditor to finalise and approve the accounts. Present the Treasurer Report and Accounts at the AGM.
  • Distribute monthly management accounts to the GC.
  • Ensure that reasonable control is kept on expenditure.
  • Maintain appropriate accounting records.
  • Ensure that appropriate banking arrangements are maintained and manage the Club bank accounts including:
  • Establish most productive savings and current accounts; clearing Club invoices using on-line bank transfer or cheque payments; banking all non-membership monies received; periodic reconciliation of the bank accounts.
  • Ensure sufficient funds are maintained in the Club’s current account so that invoices can be settled in a timely fashion;
  • With the Membership Secretary, ensure membership fees are reconciled and processed.
  • Give advice and guidance to budget holders and ensure they only authorise expenditure within their delegated authority.
  • Reclaim VAT where possible and pay periodic VAT. Reclaim gift aid relief.
  • Recommend annual membership subscriptions and other fees including youth and school groups, and room hire fees. Recommend annual capital expenditure levels.
  • Prepare CSC invoices and ensure invoices are paid by debtors.
  • Build and maintain relationships with banks and HMRC.

Club Secretary

  • Support and advise the GC on the good governance of the Club.
  • Develop a good knowledge of the Club Rules and Byelaws and to update those from time to time as necessary.
  • Publish the agenda for GC meetings and support the Commodore in the effective running of GC meetings. Take GC meeting minutes.
  • Prepare the Notices for all General Meetings of the Members and support the Commodore in the effective running of those meetings.
  • Act with integrity at all times and promote transparency to Members regarding the management of the Club activities.
  • On the request of the GC: obtain advice for the Club in respect of any legal issues affecting the Club.
  • Ensure that CSC is compliant with Data Protection and GDPR regulations and safeguarding Policies in conjunction with the Safeguarding Officer
  • Establish terms of reference, if required, for any sub-committees which may be established and to be available to those sub-committees should they require advice or guidance.
  • Ensure appropriate agreements are in place with service providers to the Club as well as users of the Club including Youth groups and Schools.
  • Manage the Club insurance renewal.
  • Prime contact with the RYA, Sevenoaks DC and licensing authorities
  • Provide an appropriate induction to new GC members.
  • Prime contact with caterers
  • Security: prime contact with Spy alarms; maintenance of locking/unlocking rotas; maintain emergency contact list; maintain locks and key holders.

Sailing Secretary

  • Chair the Sailing Committee (“SC”) and copy minutes to the GC.
  • Ensure that sailing at CSC is organised in the best way for the Members.
  • Review and keep class handicaps up to date.
  • Organise the Club Open Day with the support of the GC and SC.
  • Provide guidance to members of the Sailing Committee (“SC”), Class Captains, other Club officers where it concerns sailing events.
  • Set the sailing programme and obtain the approval of the GC and the SC.
  • Liaise with the Website Coordinator to ensure that the Club Diary and fixture list on the website is kept up to date.
  • Assist Class Captains to organise club and open events
  • Maintain trained RIB squad team for duty allocation
  • Manage class captains to compile duty allocations
  • In conjunction with the Website Coordinator and the Communication Officer and External Affairs Coordinator encourage publicity of club and open events.
  • Liaise with the Bosun, OOD, the House Secretary and any other volunteers with respect to scheduled events and expected requirements and attendees.
  • Maintain the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Event Entry Forms for club and open events.
  • Maintain the race equipment
  • Liaise with West Kent Sailing Association and other clubs

Training Principal

  • Act as the RYA Training Principal, managing the Recognised Training Centre (RTC) within RYA recognition guidelines, including:
    • appointing a Chief Instructor for each discipline within the RTC.
    • assessing and managing the safety risk during RTC activities.
    • maintaining Standard Operating Procedures.
    • maintaining an Emergency Action Plan.
    • maintaining an up-to-date list of instructors and their qualifications.
    • maintaining appropriate records of training courses and the outcome for participants.
    • maintaining training boats and equipment.
    • liaising with the Club Welfare Officer to obtain DBS checks for instructors, where relevant.
  • Develop an RTC annual training programme setting out all training taking place within the RTC, including youth and adult sailing training; and powerboat training, taking into account the needs of the Members and the Club.
  • Liaise with Group Members, and potential Group Members (such as schools) regarding the development and implementation of training programmes for Group Members.
  • Lead the implementation of the RTC annual training programme and Group Members training programmes at the RTC.
  • Provide mentoring to instructors in support of the provision of high quality training within the RTC.
  • Maintain an instructor training programme (including Assistant Instructors, if appropriate) to provide sufficient instructors to deliver the training programmes within the RTC.

Membership Secretary

  • Welcome new members and act as the first point of contact with regard to membership enquiries.
  • Maintain a database of members and their contact details and to distribute club information and emails to the Members.
  • Respond to enquiries about membership of the Club either directly or by passing those enquiries to the relevant class captain.
  • Manage the Club’s subscription renewal process and to receive and process membership applications and chase late payers.
  • Monitor membership numbers to ensure they remain within the Clubs insurance terms as well as noting key trends and reporting such to the GC with recommended actions.
  • Liaise with the Treasurer re membership income .
  • Advise class captains re. new members and duty officer re duty preferences, dates and skills and boats entitled to use dinghy park

House Secretary

  • Chair the House committee and report minutes to the GC
  • Ensure the Clubhouse is a safe and secure environment for Members to enjoy and which meets the reasonable needs of Members.
  • Manage the House sub-committee.
  • Ensure that all maintenance and safety matters are dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Carry out an annual safety inspection and recommend proposals to the GC.
  • Recommend House improvements to the GC and deliver best value for Members in respect of any works carried out.
  • Manage the House budget within delegated authority levels.
  • Manage club lettings enquiries and appoint bar volunteers. Liaise with the Treasurer re invoicing. Display club lettings.
  • Organise cleaning, health and safety inspections and comply with hygiene regulations


  • Overall responsibility for maintaining power boats and engines and the committee boat for Open Meeting and Club use
  • Maintain powerboat engines and boats for constant use *
  • Manage the petrol provision at the Club.
  • Maintain safety radios
  • Liaise with Training principal re training equipment needs
  • *NB In practice powerboat engines are maintained by an experienced club member

Administration Secretary

  • Ensure that all external facilities are serviceable and safe including the car park, pontoons, stairways and ramps
  • Organise Winter Working Parties
  • Manage the administration budget.
  • Liaise with Water Board and Angling Society re. water level
  • Maintain gardening equipment

Social Secretary

  • Ensure CSC maintains active social cohesion between the members outside of sport
  • Identify, organise and promote social functions for members to enjoy
  • Ask class captains to organise suitable functions
  • Collect payment and liaise with treasurer for income and expenses

Duties Secretary

  • Ensure that the Club is able to function on a day to day basis by the allocation of duties to class captains.
  • Ensure that duties are scheduled into the online Dutyman system .
  • Liaise with the Membership Secretary regarding those members who have left or not renewed their Membership to ensure they are not allocated duties.
  • Liaise with the OOD to pre-allocate appropriate Race Management Teams to each race event.
  • Liaise with the RIB Squad to allocate Safety Boat and RIB squad Helms.

Welfare Officer

  • Implement and maintain Club safeguarding and child protection policy
  • Advise Members seeking advice in respect of the Policy.
  • Prime contact for any safeguarding concerns in respect of children or vulnerable adults.
  • Liaise with the Training Principal and GC to ensure that all those involved with both young people and vulnerable adults understand what is required.

Website Coordinator

  • Maintain the Club website and apply content changes as advised by GC
  • Improve and develop the Club website as necessary
  • Advise the GC in respect of all matters relating to the website and cyber-security
  • Liaise with the website hosting company.

Publicity Coordinator

  • Edit and publish announcements to members via webcollect
  • Communicate with the Yachting Press and release statements to local Press regarding CSC activities and open days.
  • Liaise closely with the Website Coordinator to maintain and improve the Club’s website.
  • Supply photographs for the web coordinator and Facebook

Junior Class Captain

  • The Junior Class captain will Chair the Junior Committee (“JC”) and have overall responsibility for co-ordinating Junior sailing (but not training) at the Club.
  • Through the JC and with assistance from other volunteers the Junior Class captain will:
    • Ensure that Junior sailing at CSC is organised in the best way for Members.
    • Organise the Junior section sailing activities including:
      • The Chipmates Saturday Club including associated duties on a Saturday morning (through the Dutyman allocation system).
      • The Chipmates Summer Camp including associated duties.
      • The Junior Saturday Handicap race on Saturday mornings
      • Junior activities at the Club Open Day.
      • Junior entries and teams at Inter-club events
    • Ensure that those undertaking duties for Junior activities have appropriate qualifications and checks in place in line with Club policy.
    • Ensure those undertaking duties for Junior activities are provided with the appropriate Club policies and procedures relevant to their role.
    • Promote parent participation in duties and other aspects of running the Junior section.
    • Review and provide input to the Club sailing programme.
    • Liaise with the Website Coordinator to ensure that Junior information on the Club website is kept up to date.
    • In conjunction with the Website Coordinator and the Communication Officer and External Affairs Coordinator encourage publicity of Junior events.
    • Liaise with the Bosun, OOD, the House Secretary and any other volunteers with respect to scheduled events and expected requirements and attendees.
    • Maintain the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Event Entry Forms for Junior open events.
    • Liaise with Kent Schools Sailing Association and other Junior representative pathways.
    • In conjunction with the Training Principal maintain Training and Junior dinghies.


Please fill in the online membership application form available here:


contact: CSC Membership Secretary
Chipstead Sailing Club, Chipstead Lake,
Chevening Road, Chipstead, SEVENOAKS TN13 2SD
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chipstead Sailing Club is volunteer-run and has in excess of 400 memberships, many including a couple, or a couple and their children. Active membership spans an age range from 7 years old to over 80, although many younger children also enjoy being down there. Most members have their own boats.

We are an RYA Training Establishment and courses are run each year. Details can be found through the web site or by picking up a leaflet at the club.

Junior sailing is concentrated on Saturday mornings from early April to late October with the main club races spread over Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. There is racing on Sunday mornings in the winter with the exception of the first six when we all take part in working parties.

Our group members can be seen in action Monday to Friday, together with our own model yachting class, participate in canoeing and rowing as well as sailing. The disabled group is well supported.

You are very welcome to come down and visit the club and meet people. It is best to do this on a Sunday, or a summer Saturday. If you have no idea who to approach, asking if there is a committee member around is a good start. During the week the club house may not be open and members of groups may not be in a position to answer your questions.

Our Open Day is the first Monday Bank Holiday in May.

I am generally at the club on Saturdays and for the winter working parties as that is the time to sort out renewal issues. I would be happy to meet you.

Current membership fees can be viewed here.

For information on how to join the club please look here.


Membership Secretary

Chipstead Sailing Club

A Guide to Duties

Chipstead Sailing Club is run entirely by volunteers. To enable the race programme to be run and the Club facilities to be maintained, adult family members are required as a condition of Club membership to undertake four duties each year, and also to participate in two winter working parties. Social members are also welcome to join in and assist with duties. Duties should be enjoyable and a great way to meet and learn from other club members. If you need further guidance on what a duty entails please contact the OOD a week before your duty.

All adult family members may choose which Class they wish to join. Duties are allocated between Classes based on their membership, with each Class taking turns in running races for other Classes. You may indicate when you would prefer to carry out your duties, and your duties will then be organised at the start of the year by your nominated Class and entered into the Dutyman system which can be accessed through the Club website.

Duties will be rostered where possible in your preferred duty class, and any unallocated duties may be rostered centrally across other sailing sessions in the Club programme, which may fall on Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

Responsible adults for Junior Members are asked to assist with four duties for the junior Class. Adult family members who have chosen to be members of the Junior Class will similarly have up to four duties allocated on Saturday mornings or may also be asked to carry out duties across other sailing sessions in the Club programme.

The trained RIB squad is also rostered centrally to improve safety cover.

The duty roster for the year is available on the Dutyman system accessible through the Club website. It is the responsibility of each member to arrange a swap if he or she is unable to fulfil their allocated duty. The Dutyman system is helpful in arranging swaps, and can be used to request swaps both within and outside your Duty Class.

Duty teams should assemble one hour before the start of racing. Depending on the race programme, Saturday afternoon teams are normally required to run races from either 12.55 or 13.00. Sunday morning racing normally starts at 10.30 and Sunday afternoon racing normally starts at 1410. Depending on the race programme on the day, Sunday morning duty teams are required at times additionally to run races from 13.00 and Sunday afternoon duty teams are required at times additionally to run single handed races from 16.10.

The categories of club duties are:

  • Officer of the Day (OOD)
    The OOD is an experienced person who has the responsibility of organising their team to run the racing according to the race programme.

    The OOD will set the race course and organise the other officers in the race box. It is their responsibility to oversee the efficient and safe running of the racing both on and off the water, and to ensure that the results are correctly recorded.

    The Club organises training sessions for new OODs as well as providing refresher training. New OODs are always welcome. Further guidance on running races is provided on the Club website.

  • Assistant Officer of the Day (AOD)
    The role of AOD is that of supporting the OOD on the day of the race. Usually there are two AODs who assist in starting and finishing the racing by raising and lowering flags as well as recording the position of competitors in the different races. They also help to enter these results on to the club computer. It can be helpful for AODs to read through the guidance on the website for running races in advance of their duties. It is anticipated that some AOD’s would like to actively learn from the OOD on duty and then be in a position to perform the role of OOD themselves when confident.

  • Power Boat Helm
    There are usually two patrol boats on the water during racing to assist member who may require assistance during a race.

    A club RIB will only be helmed by trained members of the RIB squad. The orange Commando patrol boat may be helmed by club members who have sufficient skills. We recommend that anyone helming these boats completes the FREE Chipstead course. Details of the Club’s training programme are available on the website.

  • Power Boat Crew
    Members allocated to the role of patrol boat crew can be in either the RIB or in the Commando patrol boats. Their role is to assist in recovery of members during a race or to recover boats after racing has finished. Patrol boat crews should be expected to enter the water if necessary to assist with a recovery. A wetsuit or drysuit will be required from 25 December to 31 March.

    Again it is recommended that members taking part in this duty participate in the Club’s FREE training course to help them carry out these duties effectively.

  • Tea Duty
    This duty entails providing welcome refreshments to sailors after racing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and on Sunday mornings.

    Approved by the Sailing Committee
    3 September 2018

CSC Membership Fees 2018

Joining Fee One off sum payable upon joining Chipstead Sailing Club. (excluding Social and Model Yachting membership)



Full (standard) Member, Spouse/Partner and their children up to 18 years of age at 1 Jan 2019 (up to 23 years of age for full-time Student).


Family Junior Member, Spouse/Partner with only their children aged 7 to 18 having Sailing Rights.


Young Adult Young single adults over 18 and under 25 years of age at 1 Jan 2018.


Social Social membership with No Sailing Rights. Member, Spouse/Partner and their children up to 18 years of age at 1 Jan 2019.


Model Yachting Model Yachting membership with No Sailing Rights other than model yachts for all family members and their children up to 18 years. Model Yachting is open to all Full, Junior and Young Adult members with no further payment


Paddle Board Paddle Board Membership - with No Sailing Rights for all family members and their children up to 18 yrs (No Joining Fee required for this category)


Group Group Nominee Membership - an individual nominated by a "Nominating Group" to supervise any sailing or use of Club facilities by the Nominating Group


Boat Fees

 Full (standard)  First boat £160 (subsequent boats £128), may be sailed by any member with owner's permission.


 Junior Per boat, to be sailed exclusively by Junior Members.


Group Group Boat Fee - payable by the Group Nominee Member per each 3 boats or less belonging to the Group Nominee's Nominating Group.