Chipstead Sailing Club

Some members have reported that they are not getting our emails. We send these
from our Webcollect membership system and most often this system is showing that
the emails have been successfully delivered to these members.

The usual cause is that the emails are going into members’ spam/ junk folders
instead of their Inbox. If you spam or block an email from us, then future messages
are likely to go the same way until you ‘unspam’/ unblock us.

So please look in your spam/ junk folders for your missing emails, and ‘unspam’
these. Check your blocked list and take us ( off this.

If you use an email client programme on your computer (eg Outlook) or an email app
on your phone/ tablet, then only messages delivered to your email provider’s Inbox
will be imported to this for you to see. So you will also need to log into your email
provider account directly (btinternet, hotmail, etc) to check your spam/ junk folders