Chipstead Sailing Club

Sixteen club sailors arrived at Chipstead SC on a bright warm sunny Wednesday morning to contest Chipstead Sailing Club – Radio Sailing Bullard Trophy and the penultimate round of their Spring Series. The breeze was a nice Easterly ranging from 6-12mph with gusts in the low teens. It was rig-1 weather at its best. The breeze was almost straight down the bank so all the turning marks were quite close to the sailors.

Peter Crisp laid a 130 metre windward leeward course with the start near the leeward end of the race course and the finish line between the windward and spreader marks. Two full port hand laps and a long beat to the finish was the best way to describe the course.

Racing got underway just after 10:00am with Stuart Ord-Hulme making a good start and a tactically sound first beat to take a nice lead he held to the finish. Peter Crisp followed him home whilst putting a good cover on third place Dave Allinson.

David Andrews mirrored Stuarts first race performance with Dave Allinson following and Mike Brand close behind in third.

Race three went to Martin Graham followed by Dave Allinson and David Andrews. Peter Crisp took race four, Dave Allinson race five and Mike Brand race 6.

It was into race 7 before Martin Graham became the first person to win a second race.

Dave Allinson had put together a nice series and second and third places during that time.

Races eight and nine saw Dave Allinson get two good starts and sail solid first upwind legs to establish a lead he was not going to let go, although he was chased all the way by Stuart and Peter and then by Peter and Martin in the final race.

Racing concluded at 12:30hrs with everyone commenting what a great mornings sailing it had been. A few new tan lines were clearly evident as the rescue boat and start equipment was put back into its shed and placed on charge.